Conditions Prompting Urgent Care Clinic Consult

You’ve twisted your ankle, and it’s late in the day. You need to see a doctor right now since the agony is unbearable. This is the day your doctor’s office is closed. Do you go to the emergency department, where the cost is high and the wait time is long since your illness is not deemed an emergency?

When a patient needs immediate medical assistance, they might go to an urgent care clinic. At an urgent care facility, you may walk in without an appointment and be seen right away. Visiting a doctor at one of these clinics is as simple as walking in the door and seeing a professional right away.

What conditions do urgent care clinics cater to? 

For urgent, non-life threatening ailments, an urgent care facility delivers rapid, economical treatment. If you don’t know what kinds of problems an urgent care clinic can help with, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the most common conditions that the medical staff may treat at an urgent care facility.

1. Respiratory Infections and Flu

Respiratory illnesses, which have long been a regular occurrence in urgent care facilities, account for a significant portion of all annual visits. If you’ve ever had a severe cold or the flu, you know that even while the symptoms aren’t life-threatening, they may have a significant influence on your ability to rest, eat, and go on with your normal activities.

As a result, many patients avoid waiting three or four days for an appointment to open up at their doctor’s office by going directly to the nearest urgent care center, which puts them at risk of infection from other patients.

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2. Urinary Tract Infection

Even while a urinary tract infection (UTI) may be quite painful, it’s also extremely common. The sooner you seek medical assistance, the less likely it is that the infection may spread from your bladder to your kidneys and cause terrible agony when you go to the bathroom.

3. Sprains and Strains

Even though they occur less often, sprains and strains send a significant number of patients to urgent care each year. During the summer months, sprains and strains are more likely to occur, most likely as a result of increased physical activity outside when the weather is beautiful. However, trips to urgent care facilities are still prevalent throughout the year.

Besides diseases needing urgent care, clinics also look at their patient’s general health and prescribe tests and monitoring to spot any early warning signals before they become significant problems. Preventive health check up, such as physicals and follow-up sessions, are critical to one’s overall health.

4. Eye and Ear Infections

Infections that are quite common, such as pink eye, are among the primary reasons why patients attend urgent care facilities on an annual basis. Ear infections are also a significant cause of urgent care visits among children. Anyone who has children is aware of how convenient it is to be able to see a doctor as soon as they have any symptoms. In addition to making your children incredibly irritable, ear infections are exceedingly painful and also have the potential to cause damage to the inner ear, which is why they must get prompt treatment from a trained medical expert.

5. Cuts and Burns

For minor cuts, urgent care centers are a good option. People who have dirty cuts, for example, should go to an urgent care center for medical assistance. Doctors can clean the wound without additional harm. 

Patients with less severe burns may be treated in an urgent care facility instead of the emergency department. Patients with minor first- and second-degree burns may bypass the emergency department and be treated more quickly at an urgent care facility. To avoid infection, doctors at walk-in clinics may apply an antibiotic cream or clean the burn.

Aside from the diseases listed above, you can see this page to check out the other diseases urgent care clinics cater to.