Most Downloaded Apps 2021

Without context, the top 2021 apps downloaded might be surprising. 2020 was full of surprises. The events of the year affected every sector and nearly every industry, as well as app downloads. This effect continues into 2021.

Many of the most popular apps in the last year were affected by the COVID-19 virus pandemic. Marketing is not dead. To ensure your mobile marketing campaigns are successful, you need to know which apps are most popular. To optimize your campaigns, you must understand the online behavior of your target audience and decide on the best channels to connect with them.

Let’s take a look at the top 2021 apps downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You should also note that there are some apps that are growing rapidly, such as Clubhouse, that are not included on this list. These apps are limited to iPhone users, so they aren’t as popular.

Top 2021 Downloaded Apps

TikTok was 2021’s most downloaded app. As of April 2013, the app had more than 2,000,000 global downloads. The app was originally a Gen Z platform. However, the global lockdown has allowed for an increase in users.

People are more likely than ever to be at home using their smartphones and searching for entertainment. TikTok, an intelligent algorithm that makes videos more appealing to users of social media, is called TikTok.

Facebook is the most used app in the world, so it’s no surprise that it will remain so in 2021. Facebook has been especially useful during this time of people wanting to communicate and stay in touch.

Facebook consistently ranks among the top 10 Apps in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Statista claims that it is the world’s most downloaded app publisher, based on how many downloads. Facebook, Instagram Messenger Messenger Messenger, and WhatsApp are all part of the Facebook family. Marketing and advertising on Facebook require marketers to get involved.

The Facebook Family is complete with Instagram. The popular photo-and-video-sharing app Instagram is a hit with Gen Z, Millennials, and others. Although the app does not disclose its stats, it is possible to assume that its popularity and unmoving status in the app stores have ensured its continued popularity into 2021.

Marketing is made easier by Instagram. Statista reports that brands uploaded on average 0.7 posts per day to Instagram in 2018. Instagram Stories, Instagram Lives and IGTV are just a few tools marketers have to interact with their audience.

A large number of social media apps saw continued downloads in 2020.

Although WhatsApp is less popular in the United States, it remains the most widely used messaging app worldwide. Businesses can use it to communicate with clients and customers, and send personalized messages. WhatsApp marketing is one the most used marketing tools.

This app was rated among the best apps in the last year. In January 2021, 38 million Zoom downloads had been recorded.

This boom is directly linked to the COVID-19 catastrophe. Zoom was the most widely used video-conferencing app, as it allowed users to work remotely. Zoom lets users video call to communicate with their loved ones or for business purposes.

Snapchat has been downloaded over 200 million times and is extremely popular among the 34-year old population, especially in the United States.

Snapchat can be used to market your business. Instant Create allows users to quickly create ads and share them based on their location. Snapchat can be used for marketing your business.

Facebook Messenger, another strong contender, is a popular choice in app stores and is just like WhatsApp. Messenger, which isn’t WhatsApp, is extremely popular in America. It is expected to reach 2.4 million users by 2021.

Facebook Messenger can be used for both professional and personal communication. You can reach your audience quickly with this app, whether you are sharing photos with friends or new products and/or services with followers.