What are the Best Knitting Items to Sell?

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Whether you’re selling your finished knitted items online or offline, you need to think of a piece that sells fast. Though they’re usually hot during the fall and winter seasons, you can create some items that can also be worn or used in summer. 

Nowadays, you cannot just sell your products offline or online alone. You need to sell on both platforms to bring your business to greater heights because they complement each other through their differences. While online stores are always open, people trust physical stores more. Another thing you must consider is the quality of your materials. Even if you have unique patterns, people will not want to buy your products if your yarns are low-quality. So you should carefully decide when buying yarns. When it comes to high-quality and gorgeous yarns and other materials, Darn Yarn is your go-to shop.

Considering all of these factors, you must also think of pieces that people like to buy most often to maximize your profit.

Top Knitted Items that Sell Fast

1. Drawstring Backpack

This lightweight, beautiful item is practical for spring and summer outings. It’s easy to make, and if you use a suitable material like vegan yarn, the finished product will last long. It suits many outfits – from casual to dressy, and when paired with a bikini and flip-flops, the beach is waving. This could also make an excellent gift for your loved ones!

2. Beanies

Beanies are still one of the best-selling knitted pieces online and offline. It is easy to make, and everybody can wear it: men, women, teenagers, children, and babies. Wearing a beanie in summer might be odd for some, but no law said people could not wear it even when it’s 70 degrees. To sell consistently, you can make them lightweight in summer and extra thick in winter, using the warmest material.

3. Scarves

Who can forget about knitted scarves? They’re one of the most versatile knitted pieces until now. They can be worn by both genders, young and old, and in so many ways! Knit them lightweight for summer so that people are comfortable wrapping themselves in. As a material, cotton is still the best choice since it is light and breathable. In addition, you can also look for plant-based yarns instead of animal-based, such as linen, hemp, bamboo, or corn.

4. Lace Headwrap

Some women wear headwraps for other reasons besides taking their looks to the next level. For instance, if they skipped shampoo, wearing it is an excellent way to hide it while being fashionable. Make sure that your creation can be tied in different ways, and it’s best to use yarns blended with animal fibers to make it stretchy and hold its shape.

5. iPad, Tablet, Phone Case/Pouch

These days, it seems like people are more protective of their gadgets, especially their phones, than any other material things they own. As a knitter, you would want to take advantage of it and create unique and beautiful designs to stay afloat with the tight competition. If you are accepting custom orders, offer them options, such as their color preferences and designs.

6. Baby Items

Whether it’s online or offline, people love to buy baby items because they always make wonderful gifts, especially if the designs are creative. Non-knitters are usually willing to pay for creations with handmade touch for babies. These could be:

  • Baby clothes
  • Baby blankets
  • Baby sweaters
  • Bonnets
  • Booties
  • Mittens

7. Children’s Accessories

Themed items featuring characters from children’s movies are trending now. For instance, you can knit hats with Minions or “Frozen” characters on them. You can find free patterns online to start and perhaps make your own as you progress. Another popular knitted item for children is combining the colors of favorite sports teams or schools.

8. Kitchen Items

Not only for personal use, but kitchen items can also be excellent gift ideas. You can knit unique and eye-catching pieces with various colors to choose from. Examples are:

  • Dishcloths
  • Placemats
  • Towels