Tourist Sights In Toronto

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Toronto, the provincial capital of Ottawa in Canada, is the 4th most populous city in North America and one of Canada’s lifelines. Toronto is an Alpha Global City and a major centre of finance, business, arts and culture. It has multiple and diverse cultural associations museums, entertainment districts, festival events and historical sites. These draw over 25 million tourists yearly that is a tribute to the renown this city possesses. It’s both rated highly in the International Finances Index in addition to from the listing of the world’s most livable cities. Here are the best sites/activities this modern marvel of a town offers.

CN Tower:

The tallest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere, the CN Tower is a tall tribute to the modernity of Toronto. You can walk on the EdgeWalk, a thrilling stage near the top of the tower on which you may walk hands-free. It is exhilarating but not suggested for someone afraid of heights.

Toronto Islands and Centerville:

Take the scenic ferry trip to Toronto Island. If you are a photographer you will love the terrific views it provides of the town’s skyline. You can also picnic, bike and explore the Center Island entertainment part. It is fun for a day out especially with your loved ones.

Toronto Eaton Center:

A shopping harbor, the Eaton Center is your favorite place of Canadians to store. It’s around 200 retailers in vogue, electronics and other things. You can spend the entire day just roaming around it.

Casa Loma:

Located in midtown Toronto, Casa Loma is a Gothic style home with gardens. Originally the home of Sir Henry Mill Pellatt. It is an impressive feat of design which you can visit.

Ontario Science Center:

The Science Center has hundreds of interactive exhibits. It offers information and delight to people of all ages. For children under 8, KidSpark is a discovery playground that will engage them. For the youth such as innovating and producing, the Weston Family Innovation Center is your location. Space Hall, Toronto’s only public planetarium, and an IMAX theater are also attractions of the versatile center.

Canada’s Wonderland:

Experience the thrills and excitement provided by this Wonderland with its 200 attractions. It’s 69 amazing rides such as 16 roller coasters and is home to Canada’s greatest and tallest roller coaster – Leviathan. There is an impressive 4D Dark ride, a Splash Park and a Dino park all for you to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

Royal Ontario Museum:

Located in the northern section of U of T, the Royal Ontario Museum (or ROM) is a must-see for everyone who likes Museums. It’s a colossal six million artifacts ranging from Mummies to dinosaur skeletons, Chinese sculptors and much more. You can roam around the majority of the day and still not correctly find all of it.