Helping Someone Without Expecting Anything In Return

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Some people today say that there is no such thing as a selfless act. Sometimes people think that whatever we do to help another individual, we get something in return. Sad but true! But not all people do so only because of their selfish intentions but few do so to feel good about themselves and show that they care.

Not all individuals are kind-hearted. Some folks show concern solely for the sake of doing it. I don’t like this. They show they care because they need to be recognized. I am used to handling a burden of responsibility. I take care of nearly everybody without expecting any return. I give because I want to not because I would like to have something back.

Whenever you do a favor and expect to be returned, then you’re doing business not kindness. Simple things become complicated when you expect too much. The truth is I love to help people. It makes me feel great to give. I don’t do it so as to get anything back. I just feel that the more you give, the more you get. It is human nature to wish to settle. But honestly, it is because giving is a gift.

If you do, it will eventually come back to you, even if that is not your intention. When it does not, you have the satisfaction of helping a person, which is my expertise. Although modesty aside, all of us have bills to pay and a lot of people have mouths to feed especially me who’s a single mother; however, when it comes to helpingĀ others, I am quite satisfied just by doing this. I don’t feel stingy with it, the entire world has a means of rewarding such generosity.

You can not help everyone. But helping somebody because you care and do not concern yourself over the outcomes, make you satisfied. Individuals are usually good by nature. They wish to help others whenever they can. Some will even go beyond their way to help someone in need if they have been deeply touched by the conditions of the needy one.

When you do good, you will need to be sincere. You need to be honest with yourself. Never focus on at all about you whatsoever. You put that destitute person before you. Selfishness destroys the greatness of an action. You may not need to acquire money or other tangible benefits from the great deed but needing recognition of everything you have achieved is still expecting something in return; that isn’t perfect.

Truth is, it’s not about how big the favor was, it could be the smallest thing. You do things because you would like to do them not due to any pressure or of any type. Each time you do something, however small or unimportant it might appear, rather than think what you are going to get in return, good deeds magnify and comes back to you when you least expect them.

Generosity is doing something for somebody else and expecting nothing in return. When you’ve got a good heart, you help since you’re contented with everything you do.